Eleni Bousis, known worldwide for her charitable activity, also known as Mother Teresa, issued a statement on the occasion of the extreme homophobic attack that Stefanos Kasselakis received today from the well-known criminologist Alexis Kougias in which Mr. Kougias invited Stefanos Kasselakis not to speak for masculinity since, as he says, he has not clarified whether he has the role of Man or Woman in his relationship with Tyler.

I regret to note that while we, the Greeks of Omogenia, are struggling to spread Greek Greatness throughout the world, political and legal circles in Greece are not concerned with the people who are suffering, they are not concerned about poverty, needines, high prices, criminality, they don’t care about the ever-increasing cases of domestic violence Especially amongst women

They are not concerned in the injustice and rise against women by the increase of brutality, abuse and murder

They don’t care about our talented educated young men and women seeking their future elsewhere instead of serving our country which has educated them and giving them the benefit and opportunity to shine.

These attacks can only revert back to the times of the ottoman empire where women were exploited and killed.

My beloved countrymen

Every young professional, Despite political differences and party should be encouraged to participate in a Democratic debate and pursue their interests and ambitions in politics without intimidation, attacks and condemnation.

Only then will our country succeed in demonstrating and supporting diversity, equality and inclusion.

Let’s talk about unity, empathy and love, and move forward for a better world.

The intervention of Eleni Bousis is important one day before the spectacular Fashion Show that will take place in Chicago on June 20 in the context of the operation of THE HIPPOCRATIC CANCER RESEARCH FOUNDATION of Northwestern Hospital with the leadership of world renowned physician and oncologist, Dr. Leonidas Platanias Director of northwestern Hospital and Cancer Research.



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