The great Greek woman, pillar of Orthodoxy and Philanthropist, Eleni Bousis, comments about the vicious attacks to the President of SYRIZA, Stefanos Kasselakis, for the fact that he read PISTEVO in English today during the usual Doxology at the Holy Cathedral of Holy Trinity before the Fifth Avenue National Parade in Manhattan.

That happened because most of the 90% of the people understand PISTEVO, the symbol of Faith, in English.

They don’t understand it in Greek.

At least Stefanos Kasselakis has faith in our Lord and in his home and he said the I believe. Shame on everyone for trying to find something to criticize this young man about.

They should all mimic him.

My kids and myself, we only know PISTEVO in English, so what’s the problem; We do live in America and we are American Greeks and it’s easier for us in English than Greek.

At least we try to speak Greek and we try to follow the holy gospel in Greek.

They should be proud that Stefanos Kasselakis went to salute our country in a foreign country, and congratulations for Archbishop Elpidoforos for uniting the Greek and American people, and to make them understand that we stand firm with our flying blue and white colors..

People globally need to understand that we are not just people that party, and have a good time and show off our vacation Prime locations.

We are people with culture, heritage values, philosophy arts, and above all a democratic system of people interacting with those who they elect in office.

It’s a humbling experience to see today’s politicians stand tall in our Lords home, and to embrace God with all their heart and love.

Let them all follow his lead.

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